Saturday, February 7, 2009

Changes Again

I had about come to terms with the destruction of the natural and deep woods around us for the sake of a fence. We had walked to the back of our property and assured ourselves that we would still have a few of my favorite trees and plants to build a new barrier around.

I love this the midst of oaks this elegant flat leaf tree
towered over me when i left and returned from our walks......
The branches were spaced and graceful with a canopy of green
leaves providing shade and a change from the oaks. We had
noticed the tree was just coming into bud...

This is my new view....the tree is gone....
well really here is my tree....

It was really quite an old tree because of the great spread of
the branches...under it
are the big beautiful oaks that were also
plowed up to create this street for a
They had to come over 2 feet into our property to destroy the tree.
"I'm sorry"
was once again used but not sure if i believe any of that
any more....

when all that was necessary is this small break that would allow
them the fence
and the barrier. I still don't accept change very well.

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