Tuesday, June 9, 2009

treasures of a little community

i believe this tree would have been
removed by city planners in a large
but it fits in this little community
by the gulf.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

little bits of a tiny town

walking on a street that winds
through the homes:

large and fancy
small and just enough

you can come across yard art!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

most special

this might make us move...
miss these more than anything...
just can't see them from under
a canopy of oaks.

from the beginning.......

all the way to the end...

most important

if you go to a little island community
you go with a purpose in mind...
at least with us and that is

i am not the one fishing all the
time 'cause i am the one usually
taking photos..or moving the boat
or retrieving the bait or pulling
in the anchor...

someone told us it was good fishing
out by the rocks...of course it was
in the channel by a large marina-but
that did not stop us from trying.

you just had to be on the right
side of the rocks...with the anchor
just the right distance away
so that the boat slid right
up to the rocks but not into
the rocks.

but you are rewarded with a really
nice snapper...now you just have
to get off the rocks and to
the boat with the fish!

a different taste

we took a mini vacation to a little
island community this last week...
stayed in a condo of family members
and looked at homes in the area.

it was a different taste of tropical
plush - textures, shapes, colors, and
smell...all the senses were exposed to
a real treat...

do not sit on a bench under one of these -
nor should you ever park your car under one
of these...they are used a lot for landscape
but no one usually looks up to make sure it
is not a coconut palm tree!

love the grasses and the way each little
strand blows with the smallest breeze!

the strangest tree - blossoms: no leaves...
and we have been told if a branch breaks off
just stick it in the ground and it will root
on its own.

the textures were really contrasting...
layers of stick trees, hibiscus, smooth
rounded leaves and grasses...

All very calming to the eye, relaxing...
and renewing. Just what a mini vacation
should be.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


it is just nice
to go out on the porch -
and wait...

and wait...

so many things are happening
so much is changing...
but we never
just stop,
and wait on Him.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Zoe became eight years old yesterday....she had
told us she likes fairies....i do too!
Love the little books about fairies houses....

on my walk this morning i found these for Zoe.
they are wonderful beginnings for fairies

this possibility has a back door....
and it is near the creek...

these little hideaways would be fun to gather items
and decorate for our little friends to visit and rest.

Happy Birthday Zoe!


fishing in the middle of the week is the best!
had a wednesday off so we went out -
try to get there about sunup and this
was our greeting.
the water was as glass - the air and sky soft - just a gentle

can not tell where water and sky meet...

our favorite fishing hole for snapper...we even had a friend
drying his feathers....

i caught the first fish - snook - 3 inches too short - so back
into the water he went.

also caught this little jew fish - protected - so back he went also!

we did manage to catch some snapper and legal they were and

new little friend

on one of our walks in the orange groves this little
abandoned puppy came running through the
tall dry grasses.

could not leave her out there with no houses, water
or food....so i carried her on the rest of our walk
and home. she fell asleep in my arms. i think she
was so relieved to find people she could relax
a little. after an immediate bath to kill all the fleas
she fell asleep and slept through the night.
she ate bo's smushed food and i bought her
some goat milk...loved it. on a full tummy
she has made herself at home.

she follows us everywhere...no matter who is walking past...
away she goes...
loves to chew...anything!
seems to be very alert...does learn quickly...disciplines as well
as can be expected ???

and has even found a little cubby to hide in outside...going to take a
while to eliminate the puddles inside but she has me to train to
allow her outside just in time.

welcome "walker"!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Changes Again

I had about come to terms with the destruction of the natural and deep woods around us for the sake of a fence. We had walked to the back of our property and assured ourselves that we would still have a few of my favorite trees and plants to build a new barrier around.

I love this tree...in the midst of oaks this elegant flat leaf tree
towered over me when i left and returned from our walks......
The branches were spaced and graceful with a canopy of green
leaves providing shade and a change from the oaks. We had
noticed the tree was just coming into bud...

This is my new view....the tree is gone....
well really here is my tree....

It was really quite an old tree because of the great spread of
the branches...under it
are the big beautiful oaks that were also
plowed up to create this street for a
They had to come over 2 feet into our property to destroy the tree.
"I'm sorry"
was once again used but not sure if i believe any of that
any more....

when all that was necessary is this small break that would allow
them the fence
and the barrier. I still don't accept change very well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Changes Too

We have new neighbors...seem to be really nice...but
strange why some buy property and then are determined
to level or clear so much of it - the whole is changed. No
longer is there privacy - green barriers - between me and
the world. The owls, birds, small animals are all watching
the changes also to see how much disappears...
and where to go now for the things they were finding
in "my backyard". The boundaries we have enjoyed fence
free for 10 years are gone...spoiled i am....

Not sure why it is necessary to have 10-20 feet for a fence
line...not sure why it is necessary to pile plants and trees
in heaps to die and rot...not sure why they have to bulldoze
on my property and "i'm sorry" doesn't make trees grow
back or privacy restored....


And we have another neighbor who has decided after losing
thousands of dollars on blueberry plants that were neglected
to now raise chickens and goats....of course they are neglected
also and where do they eat - my compose heap

and my plants (guess they taste better)..

He is trying to get AG exempt
on his property-maybe i would also qualify for a tax break
if they feast on my property... maybe the harvest of eggs-
have to maybe build a few nesting boxes! Yet again - changes
....he hasn't built a fence to keep them enclosed...! Now is that
not strange...want a fence on one side and not on the other...

Time to regroup and rethink and adjust...go with the change-
yet go dragging or digging in my heels...until that also changes.

I have found i do not like change...and that is really
hard because at this time in my life everything--just about
everything is changing.


When most people are slowing down it seems that the
months of November and December are the busiest for
me....work involves long sessions starting very early in
the morning or in the middle of the night (depends on
how you look at that) but it really keeps me from sharing.

This is our Christmas tree - i buy it in early December and
put it up to enjoy as long as possible....After i took all the
decorations off - could not burn it so we stuck it in an empty
post hole in the back yard....it is still green and the needles
are just beginning to fall...

The first few weeks in January I try to come back to reality
and wake eat and sleep in a "real-time" manner...the oaks
over my head in my chair swing....and i have plenty of friends
to keep me company......