Saturday, March 21, 2009

new little friend

on one of our walks in the orange groves this little
abandoned puppy came running through the
tall dry grasses.

could not leave her out there with no houses, water
or i carried her on the rest of our walk
and home. she fell asleep in my arms. i think she
was so relieved to find people she could relax
a little. after an immediate bath to kill all the fleas
she fell asleep and slept through the night.
she ate bo's smushed food and i bought her
some goat milk...loved it. on a full tummy
she has made herself at home.

she follows us matter who is walking past...
away she goes...
loves to chew...anything!
seems to be very alert...does learn quickly...disciplines as well
as can be expected ???

and has even found a little cubby to hide in outside...going to take a
while to eliminate the puddles inside but she has me to train to
allow her outside just in time.

welcome "walker"!

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