Tuesday, March 15, 2011


we have new leaves on the oaks...such a bright clean
green! i think it is my favorite green...just fresh
and new!

the oak on the right has almost finished it shedding...
and the new ones will be coming in soon.

the oaks are full of the air plants this year...

playing with my camera on the back deck in the hammock
swing...going to read and probably fall asleep.
really nice breeze in the 70's in south west Florida.

Friday, February 25, 2011

hard one


this guy we have watched on our walks...very friendly.
amazed he has lived so long to be this large.
we have gone up to him, and he watched us...then left
and he followed.

he must have been someones pet...just don't know 'cause
he showed up in the orange grove way off the beaten path
no houses, just groves and empty field.

on our walk today we saw him in the distance...

why would someone shoot a turtle? a turtle?
four bullets...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

he's back!

just so it can be known - this
is the overhead canopy i have over
our property! when the owls start
calling to each other...i run out
and look up into this...
yes he is there...

"he is right up there over your
head"! right!

anyway here is a close up

Friday, January 21, 2011


His name? "Bo" "Bodacious" "BoDiddley"

He comes when you call.
He comes bearing gifts - usually a
stick or sometimes a limb..
as in tree branch.

Bold and Audacious

Most of all he is gentle.

He quietly walks beside you...and
even stays when i can
tell he would prefer to run on ahead.

He was a gift when friends
moved from acres to an
in town lot...and we love him.

Thank you Bill and Amber.

my favorite visitor

i can be doing anything in the house - hear
this guy and his friend calling each other outside...
run get the camera and tip toe out the door.
... wait ...
... listen ...
... wait ...
and then move in the direction i think the closest
sound is coming from...then the hunt begins.

i can never never see them...always someone has
to point him out to me...
this time "if you just stand right over here by the
tractor and point the camera up in the air he is on
top of your head..." right!
then "you will never make a photographer if you can't
see them!" "he is right over your head!"
sure enough -

not exactly over my head..but he tolerated the
tractor, the dogs and me...

i think he was very tired...no more calling and the eyelids
just starting to droop...

he stayed and i watched the light change
across his feathers...beautiful soft light...

it once again became quiet.

Friday, January 7, 2011


it was way way too cold
here in sunny southwest

these little guys could not
make themselves any smaller!

where have i been?

it has flown by - time - that is! over a year
and half has just disappeared...i think cause
as we get older it just oozes on...
but i am still here, and have photos to
verify that...lots of photos...
just received a new camera from my son, trying
to get used to it and the dials...and my husband
says "did you get those pelicans..we don't have
those down here?!" turned quickly and shot four
times and got these guys...oh my!

don't ya love them?!