Saturday, May 30, 2009

little bits of a tiny town

walking on a street that winds
through the homes:

large and fancy
small and just enough

you can come across yard art!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

most special

this might make us move...
miss these more than anything...
just can't see them from under
a canopy of oaks.

from the beginning.......

all the way to the end...

most important

if you go to a little island community
you go with a purpose in mind...
at least with us and that is

i am not the one fishing all the
time 'cause i am the one usually
taking photos..or moving the boat
or retrieving the bait or pulling
in the anchor...

someone told us it was good fishing
out by the rocks...of course it was
in the channel by a large marina-but
that did not stop us from trying.

you just had to be on the right
side of the rocks...with the anchor
just the right distance away
so that the boat slid right
up to the rocks but not into
the rocks.

but you are rewarded with a really
nice you just have
to get off the rocks and to
the boat with the fish!

a different taste

we took a mini vacation to a little
island community this last week...
stayed in a condo of family members
and looked at homes in the area.

it was a different taste of tropical
plush - textures, shapes, colors, and
smell...all the senses were exposed to
a real treat...

do not sit on a bench under one of these -
nor should you ever park your car under one
of these...they are used a lot for landscape
but no one usually looks up to make sure it
is not a coconut palm tree!

love the grasses and the way each little
strand blows with the smallest breeze!

the strangest tree - blossoms: no leaves...
and we have been told if a branch breaks off
just stick it in the ground and it will root
on its own.

the textures were really contrasting...
layers of stick trees, hibiscus, smooth
rounded leaves and grasses...

All very calming to the eye, relaxing...
and renewing. Just what a mini vacation
should be.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


it is just nice
to go out on the porch -
and wait...

and wait...

so many things are happening
so much is changing...
but we never
just stop,
and wait on Him.