Sunday, February 1, 2009

Changes Too

We have new neighbors...seem to be really nice...but
strange why some buy property and then are determined
to level or clear so much of it - the whole is changed. No
longer is there privacy - green barriers - between me and
the world. The owls, birds, small animals are all watching
the changes also to see how much disappears...
and where to go now for the things they were finding
in "my backyard". The boundaries we have enjoyed fence
free for 10 years are gone...spoiled i am....

Not sure why it is necessary to have 10-20 feet for a fence
line...not sure why it is necessary to pile plants and trees
in heaps to die and rot...not sure why they have to bulldoze
on my property and "i'm sorry" doesn't make trees grow
back or privacy restored....


And we have another neighbor who has decided after losing
thousands of dollars on blueberry plants that were neglected
to now raise chickens and goats....of course they are neglected
also and where do they eat - my compose heap

and my plants (guess they taste better)..

He is trying to get AG exempt
on his property-maybe i would also qualify for a tax break
if they feast on my property... maybe the harvest of eggs-
have to maybe build a few nesting boxes! Yet again - changes
....he hasn't built a fence to keep them enclosed...! Now is that
not strange...want a fence on one side and not on the other...

Time to regroup and rethink and adjust...go with the change-
yet go dragging or digging in my heels...until that also changes.

I have found i do not like change...and that is really
hard because at this time in my life everything--just about
everything is changing.

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