Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our visit from Fay!

We have a wonderful creek on the backside of our property...when
it rains in a developed community to the south of us - they drain
their numerous canals into the creek...when a hurricane comes the
minority is sacrificed for those who have canals behind their property
and do not want water in their we get it.

This is the levels at 11:50am on Tuesday, August 19th...not too bad
but we knew what was coming.

A little later that afternoon about 3:50 pm - the creek she is arising!
The bridge is tied off on each side...and floats!

This is midway across the back yard as i could not venture further
because of the water and ants...about 5:50pm.

And this is our lake...I took this from our back deck! Fay had
ventured on to the east coast of Florida...and we continued to
have the oncoming tail of the storm...lots of rain and runoff from
the canals to the south...Very thankful we never lost electric so
it was all very tolerable. We did have neighbors whose homes
sit on the ground and they had water running through their
homes...Really a shame because they have been there for years..
a lot longer than the new homes being built with canals...

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