Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Much Needed Walk

Orange is nice in the garden - spices up the view. We transplanted
these to keep them from being bull-dozed and they keep
producing big full stalks...after they bloom the stalks are cut back.
Nice green and wonderful unusual orange blooms.

I love blue flowers...just so unusual. The purple here is vibrant
and it only blooms one at a time...would really be nice to have
a big hanging pot of them.

I call these hummingbird flowers...i have put them in several
places and they get have very tall stalks with this made for
hummingbird flower on top. Bright red - these are glistening
from a recent rain.

We put this plant in the big oak and it is finally coming into
its new home...nice to look up and find it.

Found this in the yard - just over to the wasn't where
you would expect it and that was the nice part.

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