Friday, October 3, 2008

the changing of seasons

Went out on the back deck (we consider it our front yard) and
saw this! I love, love, love acorns. Not fun to step on in bare
Florida feet but they are just so complete - food, seed and big
oak trees. The squirrels are loving it also...if you stand out
there long enough you are hit in the head from them scurrying
around eating up in the canopy.

I gather them also...and of course use them in decorating....

Then we have the lilies...this one is a surprise every year...
and i hope to follow its life along so i can see it change over
the days. Not sure what the little red berries are attached to it
- never have seen them before.

And the orchids.....really must have enjoyed all the moisture from
the storms this year. They are blooming in spite of my poor care.

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