Sunday, August 17, 2008

Night Blooming Cactus

Assuming this is a cactus they grow in some of our palm trees.
Most of the time we only have the long arms of green looping
out bare fingers. I have noticed the beginnings of blooms and
the spent blooms....but i decided to walk early this morning.
The sun was coming up through the oaks but not high enough
to shine its heated rays on the blooms.

They have a real nice smell not over powering but they are huge
and full of colors.
The middle has a pink stem out to the yellow flower and the stamen
are bunched to the other end...I am sure God had a purpose
for this arrangement. I will have to find the name of it and do
some research. Fragile, appealing bloom.

The sun is starting to shine a little warmer but the flower is
holding on to its bloom.
So glad i witnessed the show this morning!

Just an hour later the show is over.

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