Tuesday, March 15, 2011


we have new leaves on the oaks...such a bright clean
green! i think it is my favorite green...just fresh
and new!

the oak on the right has almost finished it shedding...
and the new ones will be coming in soon.

the oaks are full of the air plants this year...

playing with my camera on the back deck in the hammock
swing...going to read and probably fall asleep.
really nice breeze in the 70's in south west Florida.

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MountainBlessings said...

Hi I hopped over from Chickens In The Road today. I love your photos! I lived in Pensecola when I was a kindergardener. Of course that was &%^$@@ years ago. LOL. And my dear friend lived in New Port Richey until she recently moved to Colorado Springs, Co.

Yes the Chickens In The Roads post is a very old one, but I am new to their site and am having fun meeting new people!

Very nice blog, nicely done. I will visit again soon. Thanks for sharing, Marla